Our ergonomic stethoscopes use the highest quality materials and are precisely machined for exceptional performance and robust durability.

"stethoscopes are awesome..best kept secret!"

  • Compact Single Head cardiology Stethoscope
  • Dual Head cardiology Stethoscope
  • Pediatric Stethoscope
  • Single Head cardiology Stethoscope
  • Standard Stethoscope
  • Ccardiology Stethoscope with bell
  • Single Head cardiology Stethoscope

Professional Stethoscopes for Reliable Auscultation.


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Place your trust in our stethoscopes with the clean professional look - perfect form and function.

"Excellent sound quality, no surrounding noise!"

Pediatric $ 30

Pediatric Stethoscope
KL-330 Dual Head Pede stethoscope

This high quality steel stethoscope has a small 35mm diaphragm and a 25mm bell. The smaller head is ideal for infants and smaller patients.

Standard $ 35

Standard Stethoscope
KL-310 Standard Edition Dual Head stethoscope

This stethoscope is light, flexible, and comfortable for all day use. The diaphragm mode is for high frequency sounds while the bell mode is for lower frequency.

Virtuoso $ 77

Cardiology Dual Head Stethoscope
KL-750 cardiology with two diaphragms

This is a heavier cardiology class stethoscope with a 45mm adult diaphragm and a 35mm pediatric diaphragm

Maestro $ 77

Cardiology Stethoscope with Bell
KL-770 Dual Head Cardiology with Bell

This cardiology class stethoscope has an adult diaphragm and a full sized deep bell for auscultation of low frequency sounds.

Specialist $ 77

Single head cardiology stethoscope
KL-970 Single Head Cardiology stethoscope

The large 48mm diaphragm delivers a loud clear clean soundon. It has a wide frequency range, , and is used to hear subtle, faint body sounds and murmurs.

Parts, Kits

Replacement parts for stethoscopes
Refurbish Kits and replacement parts

Go green and Re-Build your trusty old stethoscope with our kits. Your scope will be as good as new. Kits includes binaurals, diaphragm(s), and rims.

One year limited warranty

Risk Free - 30 day money back

What makes a great stethoscope

Quality Materials

We use the best class surgical steel, non-latex tubing, highly sensitive diaphragms, and patented soft ear tips.


Ergonomic Design

Our scopes are molded to the structure of the human hand. The binaurals are at an ergonomic 15 degree angle and the ear tips are soft and tight-fitting.


Precision Steel Heads

The stethoscope heads are precisely machined to low tolerances to give a tight seal so that there is no leakage of sound. Our cardiology class tubes reduce external noise.



The acoustic response is loud and clear with a wide frequency range. You will be able to detect subtle heart sounds and murmurs.

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