Adjustment for Comfort

Which direction should I point the stethoscopeThe metal tubes are angled forward at 15 degrees. Make sure the tubes are facing forward.
How do I rotate the head Rotate the head until you feel it lock in place. Sometimes it helps to pull and push the head in and out
What size ear tips are the best. Ear tips come in two sizes. Human ears cavity size is genetic and independent of gender and size. Use the ear tip that feel s most comfortable.
How do I adjust the tension If the ear piece feels too tight you can reduce the spring tension by stretching it. Hold each side of the metal ear tubes and gently but firmly pull them apart. Adjust until the ear piece feels comfortable.

If the ear piece feels too loose and the stethoscope keeps falling off you can make it tighter by squeezing the metal tubes together.


I don't hear a thing

The sound is too soft

For dual heads - rotate the head unitl it clicks into place.
Gently tap on the diaphragm with a finger nail to check that you have the right side
Make sure the tubes are facing forward.
See if there is any obstruction in the ear tips
Ask a colleauge to try it.
The ear tips hurt my ears Adjust the tension - see number 3 faq.
The scope is too tightAdjust the tension - see number 3 faq.
The head swivels freely The locking ball bearing has become loose. The scope is defective.
Single head head breaks loose The neck piece needs to be repalced - see parts page .

Loose Diaphragm Replace rim and diaphragm..

selecting a stethoscope

Which scope should I choose

What factors determine a good scope

Metal Head
Soft ear tips
Angled ear pieces
High quality tubing and diaphragms.

Are Kila Scopes as good as the Little Big Mann's YES
Why are they so much cheaper than the Little Big Mann's All scopes costa bouyt the same to manufacture. Marketing, Dealer Commissions, and Obscene profits are reflected in the price..

Are your scopes made in the USA No they are made to US specification in China with Korean steel, German diphragm material, and Japanese machinery..


What happened to your electronic scope We could not raise funds to go into production.
How do I Replace The Diaphragm

It is frustrating and requires patience. (a bit like changing a bicycle tire).

1. Remove the plastic rim from the metal chest piece by stretching it over the edge and tolling it off the metal rim. Replace the diaphragm and now roll a new plastic rim back over the rim. Make sure that it is fitted all around.

2. It is much easier to install the rim if it is first softened by warming it with a hair dryer at a low setting. A safer method is to soak the rim in very hot water for a few minutes. The heat make the rim very pliable and easy to stretch.

3. Do not use a sharp object to remove or install the rim. You may damage the rim or the diaphragm.

Removing the old tube. If the old tube is worn out you can just cut it off with a razor blade. Otherwise if it is too tight ot pull off, warm it with a hair dryer on low and once it is soft you should be able to pull it off. Installing the new tube. The new tube can be pushed on the metal tube. Do not stretch it too much with heat or it may not be as tight